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NER #6 

Fresh, unending, my memory shall be I reminisce your stingy glances at me And your eyes like a cat’s Embedded with your dynamic love. And when nature beseech in its … Continue reading

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Crown Art #8

The Lagos Logs – Day 25 Good morning, this morning  Our Lagos is damp, Crown Nation of mine Dew has multiplied, showers did fall Yet in a dirty smelly transport … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Art #64

Agapeo By Olu The way i saw him, Passing through, I felt it Never had this feeling before I have heard of the feeling but never believed it was true … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Art #63

                                                            … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Art #62

A Summer’s Day Illusion By Boluwatife Kemi – Rotimi It started out like any other summer day The sun was shining; The trees swayed to the beat of their own … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Art #61

 Evil In Man By Olu Inspired By The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding They were all good boys, Innocent, kind, humble and honest, They met themselves One … Continue reading

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NER #5

We vowed ‘for better and for worse’ To you, it only meant ‘for better for go’ You got easily nauseated and Irritated by my presence Those offensive odours of body … Continue reading

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Crown Note #30

The Lagos Logs – Day 14  Good morning Crown Nation.       It rained in Lagos this morning. It has subsided now and the atmosphere is cool. I’m in … Continue reading

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Tale #3

Title –  Hot Cake O Abeni ! Abeni agbon! Beautiful beyond compare Abeni ,the object of every man’s desire; Shameless husband snatcher! Abeni’s presence commands attention at the city square. Her … Continue reading

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NER #4

My golden day only turned grey after some days. Being a victim of egocentric egoism, I cleaved to his vows each day Daily, it seemed like filling up a basket … Continue reading

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