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PR’s Sherlock Says #5

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    Who remembers Oreo’s viral tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout with the caption ‘Power out? No problem’ or Access Banks tweet about their MasterCard that works everywhere including Diagon Alley during the #NigeriansatHogwarts twitter trend?
        These two tweets like many other promotional activities used by different companies over the years are effective communication tools; and carry the added advantage of engaging customers and being cost effective.
Most startups today have the opportunity to do this but no; they’re imagining how they can advertise their products on Soundcity and MTV Base, or make use of Social media Brand influencers for unimaginably low prices. Well that’s not going to happen because you can’t afford it.
Companies like Oreo, Access bank, Heritage bank and recently even Sterling Bank are proof that you don’t need to spend to be heard; Especially on the Social Media.
Sorry this intro is coming late; this article will teach businesses how to communicate effectively and gather traffic without breaking the bank (if they have one, lol). For Example, I gained your attention and ensured you read to this extent without spending a dime *winks*.

Safe to say, we have two points already
– Jump on Societal and Social trends and communicate as it affects your company.
– Rich content = Major Key *in DJ Khaled’s voice*.
     You can work with trends all you want but if your content is poor, you’ll end up killing a company that doesn’t even have live yet. And there’s the downside of trending negatively; trust me you don’t want that (ask Musician, Skibii and the guys that handle the Diamond Bank twitter account).
Enough humour lets Forge Ahead;

Very importantly we have …

     Yeah, that one word is a point in itself; every successful strategy is a product of effective timing.
You should know not to tweet on #ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies when it’s not thanksgiving; #HowISpentMyChristmas in June, seriously??? You can’t start posting motivational content when people just want to turn up and have fun on Friday Evening … The list goes on.

        When theres a controversy, if you don’t need to; leave it be.
In times of controversy if you don’t need to comment or lend your voice to an issue; please don’t. And trust me; most of the time you don’t need to.

     Poorly managed communication in times of controversy could mean doom for your brand or product.
Lastly …

     Be very objective with your conversational tone on all communication channels.
You have to decide on how you want to communicate with your audience. Funny? Sarcasm? Formal? Mixed? Etc.
d at it.

      For example, if you woo a girl with jokes; it will be foolhardy to frown your face throughout the first date. She will run away if she is wise.

       It is important to be consistent with your conversational tone because you don’t know who sticks to your platform because they like your style; any form of inconsistency with this will throw them off and you won’t even know it.

      Even in PR 101 the first step in implementing a PR Technique is ‘Articulation of mode of behavior’

     This is very important for even personality branding.
I have identified Five salient Points:

– Work with trends as they affect your product
– Work with rich content
– Work with time
– Tread lightly around controversy
– Have a tone and stick with it
      In conclusion, this article is centered on the Social Media because that is inarguably the most viral channel of communication and should only be ignored by anyone who wants to be left behind in the loop of things.
      I mean; every government official now has a twitter account like it’s a constitutional requirement.

       You just have to understand that the Social Media can only be a gift in the hands of those who use it wisely.

Be Smart, Think like Sherlock.

PS: This article is my opinion and should not be regarded as gospel truth, lol … please leave your comments below on anything you think I omitted or got wrong. I’m open to learn.

Thank you for your time.

– Dipo
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