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Guest Crown Sound #8

Artiste : TO$$ King Sound Title : Slow Down (feat. Mona P) Sound Genre : Naija Pop Listen and Download The Song : Slow Down (feat. Mona P) Caleb Oselumhense Ewalefo, … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Art #64

Agapeo By Olu The way i saw him, Passing through, I felt it Never had this feeling before I have heard of the feeling but never believed it was true … Continue reading

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DFB Collection #1

Name Of Collection: It Takes Two          DFB Photography makes it exclusive debut collection on The Art Of ADE with It Takes Two. The collection is a … Continue reading

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Guest Crown Sound #2

Listen and download Curtise Ogunko’s new song, Onitemi, a love song dedicated to his girlfriend.

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Guest Crown Art #49

“The buildings still amaze,
And the subways still a maze.
There’s always something new,
Like to fall again for you.” – PJ

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Guest Crown Art #47

“She’s no Ugly Betty.
She can be your adrenaline,
She can make you sin. 
She can take your breath away from you” – Kay

August 26, 2015 · 2 Comments

Guest Crown Art #46

“Its the beginning of a new dawn
Time is changing our yesterday
We find hope in the word of life
Its just the way they tell us” – Tiwalade

August 22, 2015 · 1 Comment

Guest Crown #45

“Let go of inhibition, 
Put your bags away,
And clear your heart of it’s rust.
Lay down your guard, 
Lay down your arms.
I’m in this for us.” – PJ

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Guest Crown Art #43

“He doesn’t know I would do anything for him
He’s the only person I think about daily
He’s the only person that makes me smile
Even when I am not happy” – Amarachi

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Guest Crown Art #41

“But right now,
The feeling is undeniable
I’ve tried suppressing it
But it’s been futile
Tried fighting it,
But it keeps winning” – Nonso

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