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Crown Note #45

The Lagos Logs  – Day 29

Good Morning Crown Nation.

       I woke up late this morning! I don’t know what happened but this is the first time this has happened since I started working. I had planned on washing the dishes before I slept. As a result of my sleeping too early/over sleeping, I had to wash the dishes this morning. 

Omo come and see rushing.

      I guess what messed me up was the fact that I usually wake up to open the gate for my uncle but this morning he just left without imploring my gate man skills. Anyway sha, I  am in the bus now and I pray there no traffic ahead.

            Yesterday at work was an episode of Super Story. There was a big blowout and the drama unfolded right in front of me. The only thing I was missing was popcorn.

      On the work angle, I sourced for images for my Weekend Playlist column, Annabellle went for a Vox Pop and my Bowen buddy went to cover an event. I think it was a wedding, I’m not really sure. 

        The latter part of my day was also noteworthy. During the drive back from work, the bus I was in was stopped by the police. There was a big blowout between the woman sitting next to me and the officer. They yelled and yelled, the officer finally let us go after everyone started begging for the lady.

        That incident made me realize that everyone in Nigeria is on edge right now. From what I’ve experienced daily, people are ready to spark up at the smallest signs of  conflict. This is can only be attributed to the fact that the atmosphere of the country right now is suffocating. 

There is no breathing space.

        From the corruption to the corruption, some people are feeling the pressure of this economic downturn more than others. What can you and I do? It’s a very small gesture but, when you can resist the temptation to be offended or to offend, please do.

       It might seem unrelated to my spiel above but it’s one small deed that can go beyond a long way. Please let’s keep not just Nigeria, but the whole world, in our prayers. The downturn will turn around for our favour in Jesus’ name. Till our next adventure, stay  kind and keep your crown up.

From The Lagos Side,

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