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Special Confession feature #3: Surviving Depression & Holding On To The Light by baba crown


Hey guys!!! Happy New week!!!

In the spirit of love that is celebrated this week i wouldn’t be putting up my confessions. this week is all about other bold people like myself putting up their confessions and the week has started wonderfully by my brother and “oga” in the blogging business. The CEO of art of adeoluwa atayero popularly known as “baba crown”


I try to be honest about a lot of things but there are some memories I have and things I’ve gone through that I, much like everyone else, would prefer not to think or talk about. There are lot of them but the one I have succeeded in conquering most recently is depression.

Yeah, I used to be very depressed.

It’s weird to write about now because my life is so different and I lead such a happy day to day, I almost feel like…

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This entry was posted on February 12, 2018 by in The Crown Series.


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