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Tale #4

Title – Eriwande 

She was just beautiful
Her eyes were like diamonds
Her skin was as smooth as a bottle
Her brows were like a kid’s fur;
Lush and soft

Her deliberate steps made you wonder if she could ever be less graceful
The aura of confidence around her was ever palpable

Her eyes held the wisdom of an owl
Her nose reminded you of the ever elegant Midaya hills
Her lips, supple and soft like seedless grapes,
A mile from end to end was all they ever had to offer;
Could soften even the hardest of hearts

She spoke with so much wisdom and confidence those kind and true words
The sound of her laughter made the atmosphere warm and inviting

Her shoulder ever high with unalloyed surety
Her breasts were like two rabbits alert in the twilight

She teased all and sundry with those hips, swaying from east to west
At the river, the birds stopped to listen to her voice as she fetched and sang
Her legs were just as straight as the queen mother’s ever perfect corn rows
Even the gazelles couldn’t compare to her grace

Eriwande was her name, the princess of Bini kingdom.

– Lola Lone
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IG : @Arowolo_Lola
Facebook : Arowolo Omolola

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